10 Must-Visit Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has everything. Alright, it doesn’t in a real sense have everything, except it has all that could possibly be needed to keep a hold on even those with the most brief abilities to focus. This is a city of amazing design, substantial history and nightlife that apparently never stops. Assuming Belgrade isn’t on the highest point of your Balkan travel list, your rundown should be redrawn, so grab your tote bags and discover these amazing places.

Kalemegdan Fortres

The main fascination in Belgrade is less a solitary sight and more a major combination of all that makes the city incredible. Kalemegdan Fortress has seen its reasonable portion of contention throughout the long term, however the main brutality you’ll see here in the 21st century will include canines battling about a tennis ball. Basically a colossal park, the fortification watches out over the intersection of the Sava and Danube Rivers for what is without a doubt the city’s most heartfelt spot. It likewise houses the Military Museum and various displays, also a portion of the city’s most conspicuous landmarks. In Belgrade, all streets lead to Kalemegdan. All things considered, not every one of them, but rather you get the point.

Church of Saint Sava

One of the biggest Orthodox places of worship in the world, the Church of Saint Sava is one of the most recognizable attractions in the whole locale. It overwhelms the city’s horizon, and at 79 meters in stature, it is not difficult to see the reason why. The congregation was based on where the Ottomans consumed Saint Sava’s remaining parts in 1595, yet almost 400 years passed before the actual congregation was finished. The inside is as yet under development, however, its incomplete state adds one more layer of interest to this stupendous place of love.

Knez Mihailova

While it isn’t the geological focus of the city, Knez Mihailova is without question the social midpoint of the Serbian capital. Shops, strands, coffee places, you can even find shockwave therapy here. This long avenue is the place where all strands of Belgrade society come to be seen, regardless of whether that is financial specialists making bargains in bistros or youngsters running capriciously wild it. As we mentioned before, you can find all sorts of things here, even custom sex dolls. This is the best spot for a tad of people watching, and whole evenings can be spent on Knez Mihailova, watching the day inactively pass by.


It is known as Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter, yet the utilization of the word ‘quarter’ is to some degree liberal. Skadarlija is more a road than a whole region, however, that road is loaded with cafés, bars, and bistros, roadside tire service, all dabbed along the cobblestones that are a joy to take a gander at toward the beginning of the day and a battle to stroll on when intoxicated so you might feel little anxiety at night. When the area of artists, scholastics, and lushes, Skadarlija presently has the two eyes zeroed in immovably on the travel industry area. In light of that, probably all the eateries in the city can be found on this short stretch of road.

Historical center of Yugoslavia and the House of Flowers

The historical backdrop of Yugoslavia poses a potential threat over the whole locale, notwithstanding just being around for under a century. The communist state is recollected affectionately by numerous individuals in Belgrade, and accordingly, Josip Broz Tito‘s grave is a significant journey site for all guests to Belgrade. The actual gallery behind wholesale iron doors is an intriguing gander at history as it was, and the voyaging displays are quite often worth a look. The assortment of implements in the House of Flowers is especially important, yet it is the marble resting spot of the Yugoslav chief that accurately becomes the overwhelming focus.


Individuals of Zemun may dislike being portrayed as an ‘unquestionable requirement visit fascination in Belgrade‘, as this modest community ‘inside a city is known for its wild freedom and manual therapy course. Zemun was gulped up by Belgrade during the 1930s, yet its previous situation as an Austrian Empire Bordertown implies you can track down an alternate climate when contrasted with the large downtown area. Zemun Kej is one of the most engaging walkways in the city, and the view from Gardoš Hill and the Millennium Tower is one of the best going. Assuming that love fish, make Zemun your main stop when in Belgrade.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla presumably brings home the honor of being the most famous present-day Serb, and the creator’s mind-blowing life is respected in a great downtown area exhibition hall. Situated inside a conciliatory area in Vračar, next to emergency locksmith reno, the exhibition hall shows some of the incredible man’s developments alongside large numbers of his own things. To make light essentially by holding a light, this is the spot to go.

Ada Ciganlija

Belgrade might be pretty much as landlocked as capital urban areas come, yet the Serbs aren’t anything if not tenacious. Ada Ciganlija, a waterway island turned promontory, is tenderly known as Belgrade’s Seaside, and it is by and large hurling with individuals once the temperatures creep over 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer. When those temperatures hit 40 °C (104 °F), this is the best spot to be. Before you go to Ada, make sure to stop by the pharmacy and get sunscreen, you can pay with your pharmacy merchant account. There are a lot of bars around for reward, making a day of relaxing by the water considerably simpler.

Republic Square and the National Theater

Belgrade’s Republic Square may appear to have an enormous number of individuals dallying on it, however, don’t fear. This is Belgrade’s principal meeting point, where social nights start kod konja (by the horse). A portion of Belgrade’s most significant structures is seen here, including the National Museum and the National Theater. This year, even business growth advisors california are thinking about opening a branch here.

The gallery has been shut for more than 15 years now, however, the theater is as yet pressing onward. Head to the site for the full timetable, and partake in some high culture at low costs, a marvelous showcasing motto if at any point there was one. If you want to get a place in this area, it would be as expensive as mortgage note investing new york.

Avala Tower

While not, in fact, a piece of Belgrade itself, Avala is a close-by mountain that sits above the city like a type of irate older sibling, in the familial sense, rather than the Orwellian. To get to this place fast, you can find a car rental and get a car, we recommend you visit this website and find out more about all available options. It is not difficult to envision the personalities behind 1984’s fundamental enemy coordinating traffic from Avala Tower, nonetheless, a 205-meter tall axle that was annihilated by NATO in 1999 preceding being reconstructed in 2009. This is the tallest pinnacle in the Balkans, and it is seemingly the main fascination at Avala. The Monument to the Unknown Hero gives it a decent run for its cash, yet the pinnacle pretty much successes out.

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