5 best nightclubs in Belgrade

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From the most famous home and techno at Barutana in Dorćol and a commercial dash of Plastic to subterranean places for example Drugstore in Palilula and a number of rafts on the bank of the Sava river, Belgrade is home to numerous nightclubs. To be honest, It’s definitely not living throughout the entire week and it is Berlin, London nor Amsterdam, but occasionally it supplies a lot. Clubs like the KC Grad, Drugstore and Boat 20/44 have hosted many big names from the electronic music market.

There are just two seasons, summer/spring and fall/winter, throughout the summer/spring season rafts on the river Sava take charge, whilst the majority of clubs in the city are closed waiting for chilly weather to begin all over again with new line-ups. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer have to bring a long-sleeve hoodie because it can be chilly. Belgrade club scene will alter in a fleeting moment, one year some nightclubs are hip, while the next is totally the thing of the past or shut down.

Belgrade has lots of emerging DJs and music producers plus a few already well-established artists like Marko Nastić, Lea Dobričić, Dejan Milićević, Filip Xavi, Tijana T, etc.. So, check out our assortment of Belgrade’s greatest clubs, and just so you avoid long queues before the mainstream clubs, reserving stalls or tables we advise that you ought to contact Belgrade at Night Service.

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This popular Belgrade splav (raft) is situated on the banks of the Sava river. Mercifully it works all year round, whatever the weather conditions. This is my favourite spot to go clubbing, especially in the summer season once the dance madness kicks off on the boat deck. The raft offers a fantastic music selection which range from Detroit techno and soulful to disco, funky, house and dub step. 20/44 hosts one of the best clubbing nights in Belgrade, called Disco not Disco comprising local stars DJ Brka, Toshke, Schwabe along with other guests. During the summertime the splav delivers a superb view of the old city and bridge at night, when all of the lights are on.

In the morning hours, you can grab one of Belgrade’s breathtaking sunrises. Over the winter, parties are held under the deck, where it’s warm and cozy no matter how cold it is outside.

The atmosphere is always super hot: red lights, a few displays, and a great deal of smoke. Splav 20/44 hosts the finest local DJs and world-renowned stars like Baris K and trendsetter Peggy Gou. The crowd is friendly and relaxed. The entrance fee is between 2 and 8 euros, and beverages are rather affordable.

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Barutana is a notorious open-air club. It stands in the Lower town of Kalemegdan Park. It’s known to host large names from the digital music business on weekends. The prices are cheap.

Throughout the fall/winter year Barutana is closed and the audience moves to the DOT club.

Club Barutana Belgrade | Belgrade Beat


KC Grad is a multi-functional space for various events ranging from parties, concerts, art exhibitions, fashion shows, film projections, and workshops, etc.. In a nutshell, it’s a cultural center’, situated at a former warehouse dating from 1884, within an inner-city former industrial zone known as Savamala.

The club is a favorite haunting location for Belgrade hipsters and art lovers, and in broad daylight, it serves as a coffee bar where you can rest. Also, one of the popular things to do in Belgrade is bet. You can bet live and cross your fingers to win.

KC Grad has hosted several superb trendy musicians and bands like the NYC underground band Jessica 6 and artists from the Cologne Kompakt label. It’s definitely a place worth a trip.

MjuzNews | Vesti iz sveta muzike - Soul Print Recordings veče u Kc GRAD -  Muzicka top lista, preporuke, hitovi
KC Grad


Martinez is a new trendy bar/club situated in the former industrial construction of Mikser home. It is the ideal place for spending your night out with friends while drinking cocktails and dance.

Music is oriented towards mainstream house and techno. DJs are largely local ones. During the summer parties are happening in the open backyard.

MARTINEZ BAR Beograd - Rezervacije: 066/222-152 | GdeIzaci.com


Trendy, up-market club is located in one of the pillars of Brankov Bridge. It has a refined and very beautiful inside, which was designed by architect Đorđe Gec.

Brankow’s location is exceptional, representing a fusion of urban, industrial, and avant-garde. The audience is inclined to be somewhat older than in the rest of Belgrade’s clubs (+30). The club was designed for well-heeled people, hence the costs have a tendency to be quite high.

Club Brankow - Feel Serbia | Luxurious Club Belgrade

As most of the good nightclubs are located near the river, you can check the fishing forecast and go fishing in the morning to relax. And if you prefer more, you can go home and enjoy yourself in your milf sex doll. In Belgrade, you can find something for everyone.

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