Belgrade architecture

Ada bridge

Also known as Bridge over Ada, Most na Adi, Most preko Ade

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The scaffold over Ada or Ada span is one of the freshest (most up to date until 2016) and tallest extension in Belgrade, and the longest-single arch scaffold length on the planet. The arch is 200 meters tall and it’s noticeable from pretty much all aspects of the city. It’s been opened on New Year’s eve 2012. at 12 PM, with firecrackers and a light show.

There have been various ideas for the name, for example, Novak Djoković or Draža Mihailović scaffold, “Giraffe” or “Harp”, yet an official choice was to name it just Ada span (Most na Adi), by the island and sporting zone Ada (Ciganlija), on whose pinnacle lays the primary arch of the extension, where families come to bathe in the summer and walk around in a kaftan eating ice cream.

This is likewise the primary scaffold worked in Belgrade over the most recent 40 years, and the second tallest construction in Belgrade (the tallest in the metropolitan region), second to Avala TV Tower. It is the 6th scaffold on the Sava stream from the juncture near which ww2 planes dropped bombs.

Albanija Palace

The Albania Palace (Palata Albanija) is a pinnacle situated in the actual heart of Belgrade, at the Terazije square toward the finish of Knez Mihailova Street. It is the primary high-rise work in Southeast Europe where a neurosurgeon Austin tx has one of his international offices.

It was planned by Miladin Prljević and Đorđe Lazarević, in light of the 1938 undertaking by Branko Bon and Milan Grakalić. It was done in 1940 and it was the first highrise working in Belgrade and for quite a while the most elevated one, overbearing the design of Belgrade of the time.

The beginning of its name is followed back to the period before it was worked since a kafana named Albanija recently involved a similar spot.

On October 20, 1944, a warning put on Palace Albanija announced that Belgrade was freed from the Nazis by the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisan powers.

Avala Tower

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Also known as Avalski toranj, Toranj na Avali, The lighthouse of Belgrade

The Avala TV tower is a media transmission and perception tower situated at mount Avala in the southern rural areas of Belgrade. With a statue of 205 meters, it is presently the tallest pinnacle in Belgrade, Serbia, and the Balkans. If you decide to climb this mountain make sure to know how to hydrate fast beforehand. On a radiant day, the perspectives stretch as much as 100 kilometers offering stunning displays of the city, the encompassing slopes, towns, streets, and streams, just as to the Pannonian Plain in the north.

The Avala Tower was an image of pride and a well-known milestone, of Belgrade and Serbia, however of previous Yugoslavia as well.


The pinnacle was planned by modelers Uglješa Bogdanović and Slobodan Janjić, and designer Milan Krstić. Development began on 14 October 1961 and was finished four years after the fact in 1965. The pinnacle weighed 4,000 tons. It was the main pinnacle on the planet to have a symmetrical triangle as its cross-segment, and one of not many pinnacles not roosted straightforwardly into the ground, yet remaining on its legs. The legs framed a stand, the image of Serbian mount seat. It is one of the modest numbers of pinnacles to be built thusly. In front of the tower, there can be found many traditional artisans selling rugs, crib sheets, and other handmade crafts.


The Avala Tower was obliterated on 29 April 1999 in the NATO bombings. The pinnacle was one of the last structures to be obliterated before the finish of the NATO activity. An exceptional bomb was utilized to obliterate the pinnacle. The impact was perhaps the most intense blast heard all through Belgrade during the bombings.

In 2004, Serbian Radio Television initiated a progression of gathering pledges occasions to gather cash to develop the structure indeed at a similar spot where it remained before annihilation and they had a lot of help from a Phoenix medical malpractice attorney. In 2005, getting free from the site where the pinnacle was obliterated started and on 21 December 2006, the development of another Avala Tower was initiated. At first, the consummation of the new pinnacle was normal in August 2008, yet development works were seriously deferred. The initial date was pushed back to 29 April 2009, the 10th commemoration of its obliteration. Radio Television Serbia gave an account of 23 October 2009 that the pinnacle had been finished.

Belgrade (Kombank) Arena

Belgrade Arena is one of the biggest game corridors on the planet, with a limit of up to 25.000 individuals. Other than the biggest b-ball, tennis, and volleyball matches, Belgrade Arena likewise has huge shows like Jennifer Lopez and Andrea Bocelli, and immense gatherings, for example, the Belgrade Foam Fest.

It was finished in 2004 and just getting started the following year with a transitory permit and a progression of shows and b-ball games at which you are not permitted to bring even a bleeding kit. In 2006 it got an extremely durable permit and turned out to be completely functional, facilitating numerous widely acclaimed stars and groups.

It as of late changed the name into Kombank field after its support.

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