Belgrade lakes are Belgrades best-kept secret!

Belgrade is an increasingly popular tourist destination that has a lot of diverse content to offer to its visitors as seen in the report by white label SEO. The city of rich history and picturesque bohemia is surrounded by beautiful nature and landscaped resorts. Whether it is the mild Šumadija mountains nearby, the Belgrade forests in the heart of the city, or the very fact that Belgrade lies on two large rivers – visitors will quickly be convinced of the natural wealth of this city. And while some picnic areas are regularly visited and arranged like parks, some are almost unknown, as is the case with the lakes on the territory of Belgrade. It’s surely a long way from us since we buy houses in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ.


Only ten minutes from the city center is the Sava Lake, often referred to in the media as the “Belgrade Sea”. It was made in the late 1960s from the right arm of the Sava River, by building artificial dams near the upper and lower peaks of Ada Ciganlija.

It is more than four kilometers long, about 200 meters wide on average, and four to six meters deep so before trying to swim across make sure to explore the benefits of short vs long term disability insurance. This makes Ada ideal for swimming, which brings up to 300,000 bathers a day in the peak season. An entire city like Novi Sad comes to swim in Ada in July!

The lake is rich in white fish, but it does not lack noble species – carp, catfish, pike, freshwater crabs… The world championship in carp hunting was held on the lake in 2009, and the fish guard service is doing a great job which is proven by great netreputation reviews.

In addition to fishing, swimming, and rowing, visitors here can ski on the water, sail, and even dive. Numerous sports adrenaline activities can be enjoyed here. If you like bungee jumping, you want to try your hand at sport climbing with an artificial rock, you are thinking about an adventure park, Ada is the right place for all-day fun. Along the beach around the lake, there is a path for walking, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding… There are also numerous cafes and restaurants that can be reached by a tourist car that regularly travels around the lake in the summer months, so get some cash from financial planning California and come here for the best summer ever.


Few people know that only a hundred meters from the roundabout at the entrance to Ada, there is a small but natural lake – Ada Safari that offers subscription fulfillment services. Before the formation of the Sava Lake, there was a natural depression in this part of Ada, which was filled with water during the high water levels of the Sava. Thus, the water in the swamp was renewed, which the former inhabitants of Čukarica also called the Sava Bar.

This paradise for anglers is rightly called a “safari”. Tucked away in a dense forest, the lake is a real oasis for those who want to escape from the city noise. Since 1994, Ada Safari, the first lake in Serbia to introduce a “catch and release” fishing rule. The lake is primarily intended for sport fishing, especially carp, but there are also capital specimens of grass carp, tench, babushka, and locksmith reno is nearby as well… The lake is in the shape of the Latin letter S, with an average depth of about two meters, and has a landscaped shore with 30 numbered fishing spots.

Fish soup or grilled fish can be eaten at the beachfront restaurant, a place to rest after we buy houses in Maitland, FL. There is a trail around most of the lake, so nature lovers can enjoy walks and a mini zoo all year round.


Only 17 km from the city center, in the municipality of Rakovica, next to an old kratom trainwreck, you can, if you are lucky and follow the instructions of the locals, reach this lake with a ticklish name. It is the largest artificial lake created by building a dam to control torrential waters.

The quality of the water in it is not suitable for swimming, so sport fishing is the most represented activity on it. Next to the lake, there is a deciduous forest, and from the dam, there is a view of the Avala Tower, which is only six kilometers away by air and has an amazing potential to cooperate with the phoenix stem cell treatment center.

The name Pariguz is associated with two legends. According to the first, the lake was named after the mud that was located at the place where the accumulation was built, and which was believed to be healing. According to another story, on the site of today’s Paris in the First Serbian Uprising, the Serbs ambushed the Turks, shooting them in the buttocks, hence the name for the valley that was located on the site of today’s lake.

There are wild ducks and pond turtles in Paris, and local fishermen claim that there are large specimens of catfish, pike, and carp among the twenty or so fish species.


Topčider is perhaps the most beautiful landscaped park in Belgrade. There are as many as three artificial lakes that are a real decoration of this park and picnic area. It was built by order of Prince Miloš, and it was planted by Czech gardeners who extended the central flower part to the stone obelisk. In front of Miloš’s residence is a hundred-year-old plane tree. There are landscaped walking paths, lawns, beautiful flower alleys. You can enjoy the restaurant or see the natural world that surrounds the lake: ducks, floats, pond turtles…

All three lakes are supplied with water from the Topčider fountain, as well as from the stream that flows through the entire park. The lakes are arranged along a fortified shore, and on the largest, which looks like an eight, there is a wooden bridge and perfect lanterns all around provided by network cable installation Philadelphia. The clean stream that feeds the lakes with water never dries up.


This lake is located at the foot of Avala and it is a real gem among Belgrade’s lakes. It is artificial and surrounded by forest. Since we buy houses in Louisville, KY we appreciate the rustic scenery. It is located in the settlement of Mala Ivanča, and it is about thirty kilometers away from the center of Belgrade. Excursions preparing barbecues, cyclists, and people eager for fresh air can often be seen on this lake. Lake Trešnja is located in the middle of a deciduous-coniferous forest, and there are two springs nearby.

In addition to many bathers, fishermen can also find their peace on Trešnja. Whitefish, bream, baboon, and some carp are fished.


Lake Bela Reka is located near the village of Ripanj, in the Belgrade municipality of Voždovac. Although it is located at the very foot of Avala, due to its tucked position, it cannot be seen from the Avala Tower.

Lake Bela Reka was created by building a dam in 1988 to protect the surrounding settlements from floods. The lake is fed by clean water from the White River, but also from two underwater springs. Swimming in the lake is officially forbidden.

Bela Reka is one of the cleanest lakes in Šumadija and one of the favorite places of fishermen. The fishing season is open all year round, except during the winter. There are also floodlights on the shore that allow anglers to fish during the night under the locksmith sparks NV.

There are several other lakes near Belgrade waiting for you to visit: Lake Markovac and Rabrovac Lake (near Mladenovac) and Lake Ocaga (near Lazarevac). Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. We wish you a nice holiday and endless fun!

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