Dishes in Serbia that you shouldn’t miss

While venturing to the far corners of the planet, there’s really no need to focus on seeing the sights and maybe learning a couple of expressions of the nearby language. It’s likewise about tasting the food by examining conventional cooking.

Culture is about gastronomy, and in the Balkans, there are a lot of valid and conventional dishes to attempt. You’ll likewise find that numerous Serbian dishes cross over with adjoining nations. There are, be that as it may, inconspicuous contrasts to investigate.
Serbian food has had a wide range of impacts consistently, which is reflected in the normal Serbian dinners. These impacts have made Serbian cooking a genuine mixture (a play on words certainly planned) of tasty flavors for the taste buds.

Impacts, going from oriental the entire way too many pieces of Europe, Serbian cooking has its foundations in meat, pursuing it a generous decision for colder days, yet you’ll likewise find numerous vegetables remembered for most nearby Serbian food varieties.

The baked good is likewise very pervasive in the Serbian eating routine. In this way, when you join that with meat, you unquestionably won’t starve. In any case, that is OK, obviously, there are heaps of activities and find in Serbia, from Belgrade to Novi Sad, to keep you occupied and assist you with consuming off those extra kilojoules.

To provide you with a thought of what you can hope to see while going around Serbia, and the best Serbian food to attempt, how about we investigate the marvels of Serbian cooking. We should investigate what to eat in Serbia! This rundown of scrumptious food sources from Serbia will have you prepared to lease your vehicle and excursion the country for yourself, just to eat!


You’ll find cevapcici or cevapi all around the Balkans, from Croatia to Romania, and these are delectable, little wieners made of minced and barbecued meat. The meat is typically either pork, hamburger, or sheep and can likewise be a blend.

You will frequently get a piece of around 5-10 unique hotdogs served on a new flatbread with onions, red pepper relish, and some of the time sharp cream, as well, in the event that you need it. This is a typical and generally modest Serbian road food you will find all things considered focus points, so check it out.


Basically the same as cevapcici, pljeskavica is a patty kind of food and is generally made with one or the other hamburger or pork and a genuine zesty kick for sure. You’ll find it served in bread, with onions. The actual patty is blended in with a kind of smooth cream and pepper sauce.

This is one more effectively tracked down sort of road food and is really perhaps of the most famous Serbian tidbit you’ll find. It’s modest and happy, and due to how much meat in it, likewise very filling. Assuming that you might want to attempt Serbian meat dishes, this is one you will not experience any difficulty finding.


Its name implies simmered meat; you’ll normally find pečenje all around the country in different structures. This is one of without a doubt the priority customary Serbian dishes at large festivals, like weddings. Pečenje is typically an entire meal pork joint, a whole sheep joint, or even goat, contingent upon your inclination, and accompanies different side dishes.

It is constantly served in thick cuts and in extraordinary overflow, so hope to be full after a feast of this renowned Serbian food!

Bečka Šnicla

This specific Serbian dish is otherwise called the “Viennese schnitzel.” Actually hailing from Austria, it has tracked down a great deal of fame across the landmass and in the Balkans.

It is a boneless meat, which is hit with a sledge until flimsy and afterward covered in breadcrumbs and rotisserie. This yummy food from Serbia is in many cases filled in as a primary feast, for the most part with potatoes and margarine and decorated with parsley.

Karađorđeva Šnicla

One more of those Serbian feasts with a substantial punch is a steak dish of either moved pork or veal steak. It is loaded down with something many refer to as kajmak, which resembles a thickened cream, and is then breaded and cooked, normally broiled or prepared. Once served, it for the most part accompanies potatoes and tartar sauce. When cooked, the kajmak in the center transforms into a velvety sauce and makes the meat super-delicious. Tasty!


Maybe not one for those with a frail stomach, skembici is an extremely old Serbian dish, thought about one of the true Serbian luxuries by local people, as a matter of fact. This is really a garbage soup. Indeed, truly.

The garbage is served in a stew made of different vegetables, and spices and is generally served close by bubbled potatoes for a truly filling and generous dish. You’ll find garbage soup in many adjoining nations, and to take a stab at something new and customary, this is the dish to attempt.


Sarma has numerous varieties around the Balkan district, however as a piece of customary Serbian food, it is normally a sort of hamburger ground into mince and blended in with rice.

The combination is then enveloped by a cabbage leaf however can likewise be a grapevine or an alternate sort of green leaf
. This is then stewed and presented with a few side dishes, frequently including sharp cream. You’ll find numerous conventional families serving sarma, and it is significantly more generous and filling than you could naturally suspect from checking it out!

Fiš Paprikaš

Fish is very famous in Serbia, and in the event that you are in a neighborhood fish café, you ought to attempt this kind of scrumptious fish stew for your real Serbian supper. On the off chance that you’re not a fish darling, you’re urged to try this out. It’s a very well known Serbian nourishment which is as it should be. It’s not excessively ‘off-putting’ however has an extremely new flavor. The stew comprises of paprika and tomato squeeze and has a hot kick to it.

Punjene paprike

Paprika is ordinarily tracked down in Serbia, and this is a stuffed paprika dish. It is stacked with a mix of various meats, rice, pureed tomatoes, egg, flavor, and red capsicum to give it a kick. Once more, it’s an exceptionally generous dish, however a to some degree sound one simultaneously. You’ll likewise find this normal in numerous families at supper time and in bona fide Serbian cafés.


Hailing from the eastern Balkans and Turkey, burek has turned into a laid out staple in the Serbian kitchen. The fundamental elements of this delightful, flavorful baked good dish are phyllo batter and ground meat, which can be hamburger, sheep, pork, or any blend of those three. On the other hand, you can likewise involve cheddar as an exquisite and velvety filling. Burek comes in different shapes, from loops and chambers to adjust pies, however it is generally cut into little squares. A heavenly Serbian dish, burek squares are eaten as canapés, a filling snack,k, or even a primary course.


This is a Serbian cake dish and one that is immediately eaten in a hurry as a bite. It is fundamentally a cheddar pie made similar to the territorial most loved burek, which we’ve portrayed previously. There are layers of slim mixture loaded up with tasty and very impressive cheddar, which are then coated with egg to give it a brilliant variety.


This is a cornbread dish that goes back numerous years. This specific dish was well known during times when cash was low and destitution was pervasive in the country. It was not difficult to make, modest, good, filling, and it didn’t ruin.
Notwithstanding times improving, you’ll in any case find proja in numerous families and customary eateries.


This is a conventional Serbian plate of mixed greens presented with numerous other primary feasts. You’ll track down it generally in the south of the nation, however it is really far and wide notwithstanding. It is a plate of mixed greens of cheddar and hot peppers and a couple of other hot treats. You’ll see that it is spiciest in the country’s southern compasses, where it hails from, and can be somewhat unique in relation to all around with regards to mellowness etc.


A Serbian red chime pepper spread, ajvar (articulated: I-var), is a conventional dish in Serbian cooking that is currently well known all around the Balkans and, surprisingly, the world. It is eaten in different ways, including as a spread on bread, a serving of mixed greens, or a side dish with fish or meat.

Ajvar is super-simple to make at home, the recipe not calling for anything more than red chime peppers, eggplant, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. After the chime peppers and eggplant are cooked, either in the stove or on the barbecue, every one of the fixings are mixed to shape a glue or relish. For various hints of flavors and intensity, you can add a smidgen of tomato glue, simmered red onions, or potentially stew chips too.

This customary Serbian dish is incredible as a plunge with toasted pita bread or as a side with cooked/barbecued meat or fish.

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