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Belgrade is the focal point of the culture and craft of Serbia. It is Belgrade where our most remarkable specialists make, where over 11.000 dramatic exhibitions, displays, shows, execution occasions, and other creative projects are introduced and where noticeable creators in the realm of workmanship are facilitated. Belgrade is the focal point of the greatest state and public foundations of culture and workmanship: Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Library of Serbia, the National Museum, the National Theater and the University of Arts.

It is Belgrade where the main works of engineering are situated, with Kalemegdan obliging Belgrade Fortress, social landmarks, and other undaunted social fortunes, various archeological locales with remainders of created human advancement and culture on Belgrade region from ancient times until this day.

The City of Belgrade is the organizer behind 30 social organizations (12 theaters, 8 establishments for assurance of social qualities, 4 libraries, 6 social communities and exhibitions) and simultaneously contributes to the execution of timetables and planned attractions of foundations and creative affiliations.

The City of Belgrade is the pioneer behind 11 widespread developments (FEST, BITEF, BEMUS, BELEF, International Competition of Music Youth, Festival of Documentary and Short film, October Salon, Joy of Europe, Belgrade Book Fair, Sopot Film Festival, Belgrade Jazz Festival), and furthermore the ally of 69 occasions in the field of culture acted in Belgrade.

Educational system

As a college community Belgrade has 2 state-funded colleges and a few confidential advanced education organizations. The schooling system covers roughly 230,000 understudies and in excess of 22,000 workers in the north of 500 school structures, on around 1,100,000 m2. Belgrade is likewise a seat of elite logic and research foundations structure all regions.

The most elevated instructive organization in Belgrade and Serbia, the Belgrade University has 31 resources, 8 logical foundations, and a library. Its underlying foundations date back to 1808 when the Velika škola (Great School) in Belgrade was established. The primary Serbian University was officially established on February 27, 1905, and it included three resources: Philosophy and Law and the Technical Faculty.

Reasons why to study in Serbia

A recognized diploma in the world

What you should rest assured about while enlisting at a portion of the Serbian resources is that the recognitions you gain toward the finish of your examinations are perceived in a bigger number of nations, both Europe and the remainder of the world.

What’s more, for those especially particular, resources In Serbia they can flaunt an unquestionably huge number consented to collaboration arrangements with International resources. This choice offers you the chance to begin your advanced education in Serbia, and as you wish, you can proceed with it at a portion of the accomplice Universities.

As accomplice Universities, Serbia has consented to collaboration arrangements with colleges from Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, China, Japan, Greece, and numerous different nations of the world.

A large number of universities

What Serbia has on offer is 4 state colleges with more than 70 resources that are consolidated in them. Additionally what is honorable is solid confidential resources that we can say tthat effectively follow the European and World guidelines in general.

Likewise, there are an enormous number of resources that proposition licensed English language training programs, among which are:

  • Clinical School,
  • Personnel of Economics,
  • Engineering Faculty and numerous others.

Notwithstanding Bachelor’s scholarly examinations, Master’s Academic Studies also as Doctoral Studies can be accessible in the English language.

Low tuition fees

As per the most recent examination and from the arizona civil rights attorney experience, educational expenses at Serbian colleges are among the least on the planet. Obviously, this doesn’t imply that schooling alone is in any capacity harmed, as is shown by various honors that understudies from Serbia vanquish at different worldwide contests.

Costs rely upon the decision of the ideal workforce, yet range from 2,100 euros each year to 10,000 euros each year at probably the loftiest resources in Serbia.

Likewise, Serbia has fostered a program called “The World in Serbia” that offers understudies from uncommitted nations to come to Serbia, gain proficiency with the Serbian language and sign up for the ideal resources, and this is totally FREE. Specifically, understudies from these nations will be supported by the state spending plan for remaining, examining, and living during their examinations in Serbia.

Amusing student life

Assuming you choose to begin your advanced education at a portion of the Serbian resources, we can express that two things are ensured to you.

To begin with, you will meet companions for a lifetime. It is commonly realized that individuals of Serbia are good-natured and very friendly, so you can depend on the way that you will be acknowledged in Serbia. If you plan on going out and about, living your best nightlife, you should be aware that accidents happen, and you need to learn how to use a bleeding kit.

In the subsequent spot, you can track down a mind-boggling understudy and night existence with every one of its honors. Specifically, understudies in Serbia have available to them various limits for different administrations, from loaning books at the public library, through benefits presented for transport of the understudies in the city, to cafés that can offer you costs that are on an advantageous level.

Affordable prices of life in Serbia

Serbia can adulate that it is one of the most helpful spots to live, and that is precisely the exact thing that makes it ideal for the existence of understudies. This is an honor with which not many different nations can brag. Contrasted with different nations, living costs in Serbia are a lot lower.

In the event that funds are a significant calculate your decision where you will begin your advanced education and gain a college degree, Serbia can furnish you with probably the best costs.


Try not to be modest, you can stop anybody in the road posing the most idiotic inquiry. You would be shocked by our familiarity with unknown dialects. Italians hate English, but rather we are.

You would have the option to concentrate on in your own language in Belgrade. Other than that, we are the best has, you won’t get an opportunity to miss Milan. Our good manners and grins on the roads will make an imprint on you.


Belgrade has reasonable and comfortable libraries. But, you can’t wear a kaftan in these places.

As an understudy you can utilize any library whenever of the day just for 15EUR per year.
Belgrade understudies are strong, you will encounter consideration and readiness to help.

We are not bashful by any means; we will do all that to cause you to feel like Belgrade is your old neighborhood. Here you can find magazines about aircraft production ww2 or other interesting topics.

“Sitting in restaurants is a full-time job!”

Perhaps you feel that the best pizza is in Italy, however you are off-base. We do it best.

Costs in cafés are likewise lower than in other European urban communities and Serbs appreciate investing energy in eateries. Normal dinner at the eatery will cost you under 10EUR, for instance huge pizza is just 6EUR. Those second are unique to us, second when we invest energy with loved ones or simply battle with one another who ate more! You will see, segments are too enormous to be in any way genuine. Just, don’t bring your clear bottle here.

Then again, assuming that you appreciate cooking, try to really look at our green business sectors. Food in Serbia are natural, modest and produces by ranchers from towns in entire Serbia.

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